How to become a dementia-friendly organisation


  • Make staff dementia aware by attending a Dementia Friends session:
  • Enable staff to take time with customers who may be hesitant or confused
  • Encourage staff to make recommendations based on their dementia awareness sessions and experience
  • Be aware of staff who may have caring responsibilities and try and accommodate their needs
  • If person with dementia is accompanied by partner or carer, address person with dementia directly rather than conversing through the carer


Following Dementia Friends session, review premises to spot obvious issues, for example:

  • Flooring which may cause problems: mats looking like holes, polished floors that look like water
  • Signage which may not be clear, especially for lavatories
  • Toilets and changing-rooms not accessible for two people, especially if different gender
  • Bathroom fittings are not obviously taps or towels. Everything white with no differentiation for lavatory seat
  • Mirrors that may look like an entry or corridor
  • Steps that may be a tripping hazard or are uneven
  • Different rooms, corridors or storeys looking the same, so difficult to work out where you are

Where possible, make changes to overcome these issues. For example: remove mats, lay carpets, explicit signage to lavatories and for fittings in lavatories, remove mirrors, highlight steps, use paint to differentiate areas.

We are aware that in Bradford on Avon, some premises may not be able to have major structural changes.


  • Respond to phone calls promptly and clearly.
  • Ensure answering machine message is clear and short, with quick link to speak to a person directly
  • Make appointments at times that are convenient for people who may not be able to be organised early in the morning.
  • Remind people of appointments with a telephone call on the day of the appointment (not the day before)
  • Only send texts or leave voicemails if you can be sure these won’t cause confusion or anxiety
  • Take account of the fact that people may have to rely on public transport or taxis
  • Make sure ‘small print’ is not too small and the main clauses are clear and explicit, even if there is a legal need for more complex terminology.

Membership: fill in the BRADFORD ON AVON DEMENTIA ACTION ALLIANCE membership form to become a member of the Bradford on Avon DAA.